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Does your church or organization need workshops, classes or retreat speakers? We can help! We offer teachings structured to meet your needs.
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Personal Growth

Our gifted mental health team offers a variety of helpful trainings and teachings. Our personal growth offerings focus on prevalent issues that keep people from reaching their greatest potential. We will cover subjects such as:
(This list is just a sample, not exhaustive)
  • How to overcome feelings of failure and lack of worth. 
  • Overcoming fear of failure
  • Understanding the Fatherhood of God
  • How to walk out your faith in the workplace
  • How to overcome debilitating thoughts
  • Understanding your emotions and how to manage them. 
  • Practical changes you can make to prioritize spending time with Jesus.


We have counselors, coaches and chaplains equipped to help with your need for marriage workshops as well and parenting classes. We can also offer weekend retreats for your church or organization. We cover subjects such as:
(This list is just a sample, not exhaustive)
  • Healthy Communication (Marriage and Parenting)
  • Managing Conflict (Marriage and Parenting)
  • Developing true intimacy (Marriage)
  • Healthy blended families
  • How to discipline your children God's way
  • Parenting Teens
  • The power of praying together in marriage
  • Helping children/teens embrace their identity in Christ

Mental Health

Our team consists of clinically-informed mental health counselors and coaches. Therefore, we are equipped to provide empirically-proven mental health healing strategies that are centered in God's word. We cover subjects such as:
(This list is just a sample, not exhaustive)
  • Healing from Anxiety and Depression
  • Addiction and recovery
  • Trauma, Grief and Loss
  • Abuse and neglect
  • Life after divorce or disappointment
  • Understanding God's love 
  • Understanding your identity
  • The biblical principle of lamenting
  • trauma healing workshops

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