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A place where we can help you heal by discovering your true identity through intimacy with God and unity with others.

Kind words from our Community Partners

Sherrie I would just like to express my gratitude for the services Building Bridges/Thrive is providing to the ladies we serve in GROW.  The ladies are recognizing their value and worth and understanding the importance of spiritual as well as mental support to help on their new journey.   Several of the ladies have set their goal to save money towards purchasing a house by the time they graduate from our program. One of the ladies had already started using the Plan Cassie was sharing with the ladies.  She is now helping the other ladies to understand and start exercising better spending and saving habits.  It is very important that the ladies are hearing from an outside reliable source about living a successful productive life in the community and reassuring them they can make it and don't have to go back to their old habits and lifestyles.    These ladies are looking at life through a new set of eyes and truly appreciate the support they are receiving from you.    I truly appreciate your support and know that we could not make it without the support of organizations like yours Building Bridges for these ladies to cross over into a new life.

Dr. Lorrie Trout
Exec. Dir./Founder
GROW-Grace Restores Overcoming Women

Building Bridges mental health life coaching has been a safe and transformational resource for our women. Anchor Her helps women coming out of incarceration and addiction rebuild their lives.  Building Bridges has played an integral part in helping our women heal from the trauma they have endured. Sherrie Puckett is an amazing leader that truly cares about seeing women succeed.

Amy Mitchell
Executive Director/Founder
Anchor Her

Building Bridges Ministries has richly blessed House of Hope Kansas City. The individuals from the ministry are not only gifted, they are also dedicated to caring for our teenage residents. Building Bridges creates meaningful one-on-one mentoring relationships by being present, spending time listening, enjoying an activity, helping with homework, and studying the Bible. There are many opportunities to invest in the next generation, we are grateful that Building Bridges Ministries is here for House of Hope Kansas City. We genuinely are blessed by your ministry.  Stephanie is fantastic!

Amy Burgess
Program Coordinator
House of Hope KC

For the past three years the USC has partnered with Sherrie Puckett and the Building Bridges Ministries team to offer mental health support and counseling for our families. Sherrie and the team have helped families through grief, trauma, loss, pain and a variety of other mental challenges. With each client reporting a higher wellness score after their sessions than they had before. The New Life team has been amazing and we support them in anything they are doing.

Wes Parham MBA Ph.D.
Executive Director
Urban Scholastic Center

I am honored to serve as the co-founder/executive director for KC United! Youth/Family Sports & Education Initiative out of Kansas City, Kansas.  We have been and are blessed by God to be going strong for the past thirteen years primarily serving in the urban core of Wyandotte County. What Building Bridges Mental Health (headed my Bro. & Sis. Tony Puckett) was and is providing is nothing short of helping us build more capacity to meet our participants (youth/teens/parents/guardians) social/emotional needs. They help us give a holistic ‘balance’ to what we desire to fulfill in KC United! Why, because our theme: “Strengthening our city one soul, one life…one family at a time”.  Is the whole core of who we are and desire to be.

Pastor Adrion Roberson
Co-Founder/ Executive Director
KC United! Youth / Family Sports & Education Initiative


Sponsor a Healing Session

We are experiencing a mental health crisis and Building Bridges Thrive Mental
Health Program is making a difference. Clients are experiencing emotional
healing through God’s word. Please consider sponsoring a mental health
session. Your financial support will help bring healing to those who are
experiencing emotional distress and hopelessness. Your gift has the potential to
change lives!

Sponsor a Family Table

Help us provide an opportunity to bless pastors and ministry leaders with a
meal, fellowship and support from other leaders. No program. No agenda.
Simply a time to fellowship as family. It is with great honor that we at Building
Bridges Ministries serve area pastors. Consider supporting our Family Table.
Please contact Sherrie if you would like to learn more about how you can host a
Family Table in your community. “And they continued steadfastly in the
apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread and in prayers.” Acts