Photo of Sherrie Pucket

Sherrie Pucket

Founder and CEO 
Building Bridges was birthed in 2016 out of a passion to bring people together to meet the various needs in our community and to bring healing to the hurting.
My thought process went something like this:
What if we operated in unity within our communities to solve problems?
What if we were not divided by race, socioeconomics, or political party leanings?
What if we cared about the success of the organization down the street as much as we cared about our own?
What if we loved our neighbor as ourselves? 

(Matthew 22:39 "You shall love your neighbor as yourself.")

Sobering Statistics:
  • Deaths due to opioid addiction reported in 2022: 81,806 (National Institute on Drug Abuse)
  • Victims of sex-trafficking reported are estimated 27.9 million worldwide (U.S. Department of State)
  • The United States has had 57 times as many school shootings as all other major industrialized nations combined. (National Library of Medicine)
  • 37.9 million people in the United States are living in poverty. (United States Census Bureau)
  • Adults ages 18-34 report the highest rate of mental illnesses at 50% in 2023

Building Bridges KC is committed to valuing the wisdom of others and working collaboratively to find solutions to the problems plaguing our communities.
As a mental health counselor, I understand the power of emotional healing. We endeavor to walk alongside of others who are doing a great work but need the mental health component or just our support. We do not have all the answers, but we all have something to bring to the table.  
We believe that true success happens when we all succeed together.
Consider joining us on the incredible journey of healing hearts and changing lives.
Many Blessings!