Our Mental Health Team

Dr. Mike Reeves

Biblical Counselor, Doctorate in Ministry
Certified Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Scriptural Psychology Therapist, and Doctoral Diplomat.  Providing therapeutic counseling methods with a scriptural based approach to grief and healing for families, marriage, children, youth and men.

Ceslie Reeves

Biblical Counselor, Certified Scriptural Psychology Therapist
Executive Director of Thrive Community Program.  Providing therapeutic counseling methods with a scriptural based approach to grief and healing for families, marriage and women.

Michael Priddy, MA, LCPC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Board Certified Life Coach
Clinical Director of Thrive Community Program.  Former pastor and  Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC). Provide Christian counseling for individuals, marriages, and families, using CBT and Solution Focused Therapy.  My belief “Counseling apart from God is a temporary solution for potentially lifelong problems”.  Provide workshops for churches, schools, and other organizations.

Tony Pucket

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
 Board Certified Life Coach
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Specialties include couples therapy, depression, anxiety and working with individuals who are struggling with identity/self esteem issues.

Kassie Castaneda

Board Certified Master Mental Health Coach
Kassie specializes in inner healing, deliverance, and Christian counsel & discipleship with women and children. She has compassion for the hurting and desires for hearts to be healed and minds set free from trauma and lies through Father God’s Love and Truth.

Wyatt Bury

Board Certified Christian Life Coach
Wyatt Bury provides Christian Life Coaching that is Clinically-Informed, Biblically-Faithful, Spirit-Empowered, and Church-Loving. He has experience as both a Professional Counselor and a Pastor, and has worked in other ministry and clinical settings as well. He holds a Master of Arts in Counseling, a Bachelor's degree in Biblical and Theological Studies, licenses as a minister and professional counselor, and is a Certified Life Coaching Practitioner.
Schedule with Wyatt at wyattbury@buildingbridgeskc.org

Dan Trout

Licensed Professional Christian Counselor
Dan Trout has over 25 years of experience providing Best Practice Mental Health and Addictions Care to both individuals and families.
As a Certified Mental Health Coach, Dan works with his clients to help them achieve their personal goals from a Biblically Integrated Trauma Informed Care Approach. If you are interested in meeting with Dan for Mental Health Coaching, please schedule your appointment today.

Stephanie Hankins

Board Certified Mental Health Coach, Masters Degree in Education
Educator, Author, Speaker offering practical guidance and accountability to help adults build stronger mental, spiritual, and physical health. Stephanie has compassion for adults who feel alone in their life’s journey and partners with them to meet their goals. She also works with adolescent girls ages 14 years to 17 years needing support with life skills in the areas of failure to thrive, self-image, lack of socialism, and building healthy relationships.

Thomas Miller

Board Certified Mental Health Coach,  Certified Chaplain and Pastor
 Pastor Thomas Miller is a highly experienced professional biblical counselor and life coach, dedicated to helping individuals find healing, restoration, spiritual maturity, and personal growth through the
application of biblical principles. With a strong foundation in ministry and a deep understanding of human behavior, Pastor Miller has guided countless individuals on their journey to emotional, spiritual,
and relational well-being. Thomas specializes in Emotional and Spiritual Healing, Relationship Counseling: With his SYMBIS Coach Certification, Pastor Miller offers premarital counseling and relationship coaching, equipping couples with the necessary tools for a strong
and healthy marriage He also helps clients with personal growth and transformation:

Moriah Koch

Board Certified Mental Health Coach, Bachelor's Degree
Specializing serving children, adolescents and adults struggling with depression, identity distortions, self-worth, sense of purpose, and anxiety. Additional focus in providing services to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities tailored to meet specific, individual needs. Moriah is passionate about meeting each person where they are at and walking along-side them, step by step, as they learn to draw near to God and experience the hope and healing He brings.

Judy Kyle

Board Certified Master Mental Health Coach
Specializing in Christian Counsel and Inner Healing and Deliverance of heart wounds through the healing power of Jesus. Helping people to know who God is and who they are in Him. I am Christ’s Ambassador promoting power for change, love that heals and a sound mind that discerns error from truth.

Dr. Audrey Kharem

Masters Degree in Counseling
Dr. Drey  Kharem Certified Mental Health Coach, Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education, Master of Science in Counseling, Ph.D. in Leadership in Higher Education With the word of God as the guide, Dr. Drey enjoys supporting others as they journey through expected or unexpected life transitions. She specializes in assisting individuals with clarifying, establishing, and attaining sustainable goals. Dr. Drey is passionate about encouraging others top persevere by God’s grace to experience the plan He has for their lives

Lorna Jarrett

Master of Science in Kinesiology
Lorna Jarrett is a licensed allied health professional and Certified Personal and Executive Coach through the Coaching and Positive Psychology (CaPP) Institute. She specializes in coaching those with chronic disabilities, and in health and wellness. She has experience through the American Bible Society/Trauma Healing Institute leading group-based workshops in trauma healing. She has experience with executive and Organizational Coaching based in conflict resolution, team building, and racial harmony.

Timika Oridota

Board Certified Master Mental Health Coach
Timika Oridota is a seasoned Program Manager that has a passion for leveraging technology and self-development in both ministry and professional settings. As a women's group leader for over 15 years Timika has spent quality time getting to know families and women that are interested in studying purpose and possibility. Timika grew up in a military family and returned to the United States to attend The University of Kansas. She is a Board-Certified Mental Health Coach with a specialization in Marriage and Family. While currently working to complete a Doctorate in Education, Timika enjoys singing and serving in both prayer and inner healing deliverance ministry.

Camille McMickle

Board Certified Master Mental Health Coach Bachelors Degree
Singer/ Songwriter, Psalmist, Author, and Music Therapist who specializes in healing through music therapy and writing. Camille is passionate about sharing hope and healing with those who struggle with fear, depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, rejection, and any areas of the broken-hearted. Camille desires to help others find their purpose, healing, restoration, hope and victory in their lives in God through Christian and biblical based coaching.

Trisha Kilbourn

Board Certified Life Coach
  My passion is to help Women and children find their voice. Help them to know their identity is only found in the one that created them. I would love to partner with you to help you walk closer to God to allow Him to comfort you and lead you through whatever this life may look like right now. I will never pretend to have all the answers.  Thankfully I have an amazing Heavenly Father who does.  I have learned not to focus on the entire staircase but just the first step.  That first step just may be the beginning of the Freedom you are searching for!

Chandra Green

Licensed Professional Counselor
coach, consultant, and licensed Marriage and Family therapist. She is certified in Prepare and Enrich for couples counseling, trauma-informed care, mental health first aid, and KAVA(Kansas Academy for Victim Assistance). She is an advocate for holistic health with a focus on human rights and trauma. By unmasking generational patterns, hard truths, unconscious beliefs and actions, along with providing coping tools and supportive practices, she is able to help you as you pursue…Self…Love…Healing…. Dialogues.

Debbie Custodio

(Spanish Speaking/Bilingual)
Board Certified Mental Health Coach
Growing up in the church and into a Latino pastoral family, I
know what it is like to struggle as a young woman in the faith. Meeting both worldly and spiritual standards feels seemingly
impossible and can garner up feelings of bitterness, resentment, and most of all, loneliness. My hope is that as your life coach, I can provide a space where you not only feel heard but are also provided the resources to fulfill your purpose in
Christ. In my personal life, I am newly-wed, love my two sweet cats, and am expecting our first child! I want to continue to pursue a career in the Christian mental health industry and I enjoy volunteering at my local church in Kansas City, KS where my husband and I serve as directors of our Young Adult ministry

Diter Aguilar

(Spanish Speaking/Bilingual)
Board Certified Mental Health Coach
Certified Mental Health Coach, Ordain AG Minister, Bachelor of Science in Technical Management Currently serve as lead pastor at a predominantly Spanish-speaking congregation. He seeks to help teens, young adults and marriages move from brokenness to wholeness. With over 25years of experience, Diter has served as a youth pastor, worship director, and marriage counselor which has helped him become a better and more loving adviser.

Patricia Plumb

Board Certified Mental Health Life Coach, Masters degree in Theology and Education
AACC accredited Mental Health Coach, Patricia Plumb, M.A.Ed., M.A. Theo., provides a calming and insightful presence for her clients in the healing process. With her academic emphasis in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling, Patricia has helped people in areas of grief, communication skills, parenting, change management, goal setting, mediation, and forgiveness. Her work as a corporate leadership trainer and executive coach has helped companies become more harmonious and collaborative with long term results.

New Counselor/Coach coming soon!

Natalie Moultrie

Masters Degree in Counseling
Christian Life Coaching for living well. Offering telehealth and in person
appointments. Helps clients create and maintain an integrated journey of wellness which includes faith walk & identity, emotional, physical, and mental growth and development.

Berenice Merlos

(Spanish Speaking/ Bilingual)
Board Certified Mental Health Coach
Berenice has a passion for The Word of God and believes it is the answer to the  troubled mind and spirit; she has a passion to help others find freedom, comfort and guidance in The Bible to overcome fear, pain, confusion, anger and depression; she loves helping people find their God given purpose and meaning in life.

Chris Nicolosi

Board Certified Mental Health Coach
He provides Pastoral care from adolescent to adult care.  
Biblical counseling with an emphasis of behavioral health and wholeness.   Certified Life Coach, Pastor, Biblical Counselor, Behaviorist, and Chaplain (Workplace and First Responder).  
Specializing in trauma, TBRI (Trust-Based Relational Intervention), family, marriage, and individual care. Whether you are dealing with trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, relationship (marriage friendship, interpersonal), sexual/lust (addiction, abuse, infidelity), anger, etc....there are solutions for you! His passion is to provide Biblical perspective and pathways to healing at any stage and station of life!  

Michael Roberson

Licensed Professional Counselor
Michael Roberson is a Licensed Professional Counselor. Prior to his career in counseling he spent over 15 years doing Christian Ministry providing healing through the teaching and preaching of God's Word. He developed a desire to help people on a more personal level which led him to go back to school and obtain his Master's Degree in Marriage, Couples and Family counseling. Since graduating he has sought to help couples, and individuals navigate the mental and emotional stresses of life. Ultimately, Michael's heart is to see people healed and changed so that they can live a happy and fulfilling life.
Contact Michael at: Michaelroberson@buildingbridgeskc.org

Dr. Tracey Thibodeau

Board Certified Mental Health Life Coach, Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Substance Use
Dr.Tracey has a background in education and has worked with all ages from 3 through adult in both Christian and public-school settings. She has a passion for meeting the individual needs of people and meeting them where they are at, specifically those who have been through trauma, domestic violence, substance use, homelessness, and incarceration. She recently obtained her masters degree in clinical mental health counseling and substance use counseling from Colorado Christian University. Tracey desires to show love and understanding to individuals who often feel hopeless and rejected, showing the healing that comes through Christ and Biblical based coaching.

Roshni Diyali Biswa

Board Certified Mental Health Life Coach
A Certified Life Coach and your Minister whose passion for helping others stems from her love for Christ. Roshni is Dedicated to unlocking the full potential of those around her while nurturing their spiritual growth. Her counseling experience with young women has given her the tools to instill confidence and resilience in others,  spreading the message of hope and faith to those around her. Her warm-hearted nature and unwavering commitment to personal growth exemplify her sincere dedication to being an instrument of God's Love.
Contact Roshni at:

New Coach/Counselor coming soon!

Sherrie Pucket

Founder/CEO of Building Bridges Ministries
Licensed Professional Counselor
Sherrie is a licensed professional counselor and a nationally certified counselor. She enjoys helping individuals understand their value in the eyes of God and their self worth. Sherrie works with victims of trauma and abuse as well as helping individuals grow in their faith. 

Welcome to Living Life Ranch!

Love Horses?

Experience Healing through Equine Applied Learning

It’s proven that abuse kills your true sense of trust. Horses communicate through body language, and they practice social skills of acceptance, tolerance, kindness, patience, forgiveness and compassion. A horse can read human body language and sense how you are feeling. This is what has made all of us here at Living Life Ranch fall in love with horses.  We can see the great gift they have with people durning the process of Equine Applied Learning. We have been certified through Elaine Davis’s program, Faith Based Equine Assisted Philosophy. Through Equine Applied Learning, we have seen individuals begin the healing process as they develop coping skills through the uplifting therapeutic interaction. We have especially seen a change in children. We couple this with the truth of God’s word, empowering them and helping them with a renewed hope for life. 

Meet the team.

Horses have played a vital part in my life. My first horse, Lobo, was given to me at the age of 16 and began my journey of discovering peace and joy when I was with her. As I grew, my passion for horses also grew and I knew that horses would always be a part of my life. As I began the hard work of processing trauma in my life, I realized how being around the horses was a catalyst to my healing journey. I decided I needed to get the training necessary so that I could share what I had been given. I became a certified life coach and faith-based learning facilitator. The Ranch is designed to be a safe place, full of God’s love and I have found my purpose in life. The best part for me is seeing the good that has come from sharing the horses with people who need some joy, peace, and healing in their lives. 

Melissa Cowan

Founder & CEO
Certified Equine Applied Learning Facilitator, Certified Trauma Recovery and Healing Prayer Facilitator, Certified Business/Leadership and LIfe Coach
Living Life Ranch started out as a safe place for me and my son to heal. We volunteered our time just so we could spend a moment with the horses. I was in awe as I watched my son, who had many medical issues, gain confidence as he learned to care for and eventually train these majestic creatures. I recognized, through my time on The Ranch, that God was teaching me powerful lessons about who Jesus created me to be and who God is. I decided I needed to get the training necessary so that I could share what I had been given. I became a certified life coach and faith-based learning facilitator.  I love showing up for these sessions as I watch Jesus bring His healing power and hope-giving love time and time again to people.

Jayne Hamilton

Certified Applied Learning Facilitator, Certified Trauma Recovery and Healing Prayer Facilitator.

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