Who We Are

Building Bridges exists to bring communities together to making lasting change. Let's face it. Working in our silos is not accomplishing longterm solutions to our mounting problems. The problems in our communities are much greater than any one person or organization can solve alone. It takes all of us working together. We each have a treasure trove of knowledge that we can add in the mix. Therefore, it is our goal to offer our mental health services to other organizations who are doing a great work, but are missing the mental health component. Likewise, we ask for services from other organizations to help us with clients who need knowledge and resources that we lack. Our unity model works!! Our goal is to spread this model of working together across a diverse spectrum of communities to make greater impact. 
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Because we see the power of collaboration, we offer luncheons for a diverse group of leaders to learn and grow from one another, so that walls that divide will come down and our city will experience transformation, one table at a time.
As a Christian organization, loving our neighbor as ourselves is at the foundation of who we are. We hope that you will join us on this jouney!

Our Core Values

Integrity: Honesty, Do what you say you will do
Humility: We have much to give and much to receive from others
Empowerment: Everyone deserves healing restoration opportunities, justice, and a voice
Authentic Servant Leadership: A good leader must be willing to serve others
Unity: Respect for one another, Collaboration not Competition, Teamwork