Equine Applied Learning

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It’s proven that abuse kills your true sense of trust. Horses communicate through body language, and they practice social skills of acceptance, tolerance, kindness, patience, forgiveness and compassion. A horse can read human body language and sense how you are feeling. This is what has made all of us here at Living Life Ranch fall in love with horses.  We can see the great gift they have with people durning the process of Equine Applied Learning. We have been certified through Elaine Davis’s program, Faith Based Equine Assisted Philosophy. Through Equine Applied Learning, we have seen individuals begin the healing process as they develop coping skills through the uplifting therapeutic interaction. We have especially seen a change in children. We couple this with the truth of God’s word, empowering them and helping them with a renewed hope for life.

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Melissa Cowan

Jayne Hamilton

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