Addiction and Recovery Program

Who We Are

Our Addiction and Recovery Program consists of a diverse group of mental health professionals who are committed to using their training to bring healing and hope to those who suffer from addiction. We recognize that we each have been given our gifts from God to serve others. Our partnership with Anchor Her allows us to bring holistic care to those who are suffering. We believe that we are stronger together.  

What We Do

We believe in the power of collaboration! Our program is designed to make collaboration with our Addiction and Recovery partners and mental health professionals a routine part of our program. Because each individual is unique, our team will craft a program that we believe will meet the individual needs of those we serve. One method does not fit all; therefore, having a variety of options gives us a greater opportunity to help our clients succeed.

What's Different

Our team is ethnically diverse with different specializations. We are also from different parts of the Kansas City metro and we have professionals on both sides of the state line.    Therefore, we offer various therapeutic techniques to help people heal, from EMDR, CBT, Certified Peer Support Specialists, Pilates body movement, and Equine therapy. We see ourselves as a part of the whole. Alone, we are limited in our impact, but together in unity, we can transform our community.

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Meet our Addiction and Recovery Specialist Leadership Team!

Amy Mitchell

Founder of Anchor Her
Certified Peer Support Specialist
In her role as a Christian Support Specialist for Anchor Her and Building Bridges, Amy leverages her personal narrative to empower other women striving to overcome addiction. Her commitment extends to combating the Opioid epidemic through education, advocacy, and by sharing her story, aiming to dismantle the stigma
associated with addiction and inspire change.

Tracey Thibodeau

Addiction Counselor
Assistant Director 
Dr.Tracey has a background in education and has worked with all ages from 3 through adult in both Christian and public-school settings. She has a passion for meeting the individual needs of people and meeting them where they are at, specifically those who have been through trauma, domestic violence, substance use, homelessness, and incarceration. She recently obtained her masters degree in clinical mental health counseling and substance use counseling from Colorado Christian University.

Dan Trout

Licensed Professional Counselor
Dan Trout has over 25 years of experience providing Best Practice Mental Health and Addictions Care to both individuals and families.
As a Certified Mental Health Coach, Dan works with his clients to help them achieve their personal goals from a Biblically Integrated Trauma Informed Care Approach.

Sherrie Pucket

Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist
Sherrie is a licensed professional counselor and a nationally certified counselor. She enjoys helping individuals understand their value in the eyes of God and their self worth. Sherrie works with victims of trauma and abuse as well as helping individuals grow in their faith.

Equine Applied Learning Addiction and Recovery Team
Welcome to Living Life Ranch!

Equine Applied Learning is effective with clients seeking freedom from addiction. Through interacting with horses, clients learn valuable skills such as self-awareness, assertiveness and boundary-setting. Our Equine Applied Learning team is available to help clients heal.

Melissa Cowan
Founder of Living Life Ranch

Certified Equine Applied Learning Facilitator ~ Unbridled Faith
Certified Trauma Recovery and Healing Prayer Facilitator~ Unbridled Faith            
Certified Business/Leadership and Life Coach

Jayne Hamilton

Certified Equine Applied Learning Facilitator~ Unbridled Faith
Certified Trauma Recovery and Healing Prayer Facilitator~ Unbridled Faith
Certified Christian Life Coach~ Professional Christian Coaching Academy
Certified Trauma-Informed Coach~ The Center for Healing
Trained by Equid-Nexus in Equine Engaged Parts Work Psychotherapy Model. (IFS Parts Model)

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